Monday 25 March 2013

Rawtenstall 23

A bulkhead from the dismantled body of Rawtenstall single-deck car 23 which is to be rebuilt at Heaton Park
After the speeches marking the re-entry into service of Stockport 5 at the Heaton Park Tramway Spring Gala on Sunday, it was officially announced that the process to rebuild Rawtenstall single-deck tram 23 is to begin. Rawtenstall 23 was built in 1912 by the United Electric Car Company in Preston, and after the tram was withdrawn in 1932 it was used locally as a garden shed for many years until being rescued for preservation. Sadly due to a lack of suitable accommodation it was decided to completely dismantled the tram body, and unfortunately some components appear to have been misplaced over the years. A suitable truck and electrical equipment have been acquired for the tram from various sources. Hopefully one day this tram may be rebuilt and enter passenger service alongside Manchester 765 and Stockport 5 in Heaton Park.

A manufacturers photograph of Rawtenstall 23 showing how the finished tram should look when it is completed

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