Saturday 18 April 2020

Metro Coastlines Balloons

Balloon 713 northbound at the Tower in April 2008

During the Steve Burd era at Blackpool Transport a set of colourful liveries were applied to the different bus routes throughout the town, with each route carrying its own distinctive colour scheme, with significant route stops appearing along the lower panels of the buses. The route branding was given the name "Metro Coastlines", and in addition to its use on the bus fleet, several trams were given the Metro Coastlines branding, although there was no uniformity of colour theme on the tram fleet, with each tram painted having its own unique identity. The first Balloon to appear in Metro Coastlines livery was 710, which entered service with its new colour scheme in March 2004. The application of the Metro Coastlines branding varied across the tram fleet, with Balloons 710 and 724 being early recipients of the livery in 2004, the styling was simplified for the subsequent repaints of 711, 713, 715 and 718, and a different decal style was also used on the later repaints.

Balloon 710 fresh from the paintshop at the Cabin in March 2004

Balloon 715 at the Gynn heading for Starr Gate in June 2008

Balloon 711 at the Pleasure Beach in March 2008

Balloon 724 at the Cabin in April 2004

Balloon 718 at Cleveleys on a Fleetwood service in August 2008

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Oslo Trams and Buses

Oslo SL95 tram 168 on Biskop Gunnerus gate on line 18 to Rikshospitalet

A one day visit to Oslo, the capital of Norway, in May 2018 enabled a brief overview of the public transport operating in the city. Oslo has a standard gauge tram system comprising of six routes, operated by Sporveien Trikken AS. The tramway has 72 trams of two types, 40 SL79 and 32 SL95 models. The SL79 trams were constructed from 1982 to 1990 in two batches by Duewag and Asea Brown Boveri, they are two section single ended articulated cars with a capacity of 162 (fleet numbers 101-140). The SL95 trams were built by Ansaldo from 1999 to 2004, they are three section double ended cars with a capacity of 212 (fleet numbers 141-172).

Oslo SL79 trams 101 & 105 on line 11 at Stortorvet

Oslo SL95 tram 155 on Strandgata on line 13 to Bekkestua

Oslo SL79 tram 125 at Jernbanetorget on line 19 to Majorstuen

Oslo SL95 tram 169 on Biskop Gunnerus gate on line 18 to Rikshospitalet

Oslo MAN A40 Lion's City GL CNG 1279 on Fred Olsens gate on route 30 to Bygdoy

Oslo Solaris Urbino 8070 on Biskop Gunnerus gate on route 60 to Vippetangen

Norgesbuss Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 540 on an express service to Oslo airport

Oslo City Sightseeing DN 60231, an Ayats bodied Volvo B9TL