Sunday 24 September 2017

Brush 621 Pictorial

Brush Car 621 with its fresh paintwork gleaming in the sunshine at the Pleasure Beach
Recently refurbished and repainted Brush Car 621 made its public debut this weekend, as part of the 80th Anniversary of the Blackpool Brush Car celebrations. There was very little sunshine in evidence throughout the three day event, especially during "Brush Car Friday" and on the Saturday. Sunday 24th forecast more of the same, but fortunately their were a few lighter patches of cloud which let the sun filter through on the odd occasion during the day. The following shots of 621 were taken at the Pleasure Beach, when the sun made a very brief appearance around 9.30 am on the Sunday morning.
Brush Car 621 leading the line-up at the Pleasure Beach on Sunday morning

Brush Cars 621, 623, 630 & 631 lined up in numerical order at the Pleasure Beach
A broadside view of 621 in hazy sunshine on Sunday morning

Friday 22 September 2017

Brush Car 621 Launch Day

Brush Car 621 being shunted around the depot prior to making its public debut
Brush Car 621 made its post restoration debut as part of the 80th Anniversary of the Blackpool Brush Car weekend, on Friday 22nd September. 621's entry into Heritage Tour use was as part of the Brush Car Friday specially timetable service, which saw four Brush cars operating on "Cleveleys Flyers" between the Pleasure Beach and Cleveleys. The trams used for this Brush Car only event were 621, 623, 630 and 631.

Brush Car 621 parked on Hopton Road
A line-up of Brush cars 621, 623, 630 and 631 on Hopton Road
A line-up of Brush cars 631, 630, 623 and 621 on Hopton Road
Brush Car 621 at Cleveleys on the first "Cleveleys Flyer" of the day

Monday 18 September 2017

Brush 630 arrives for 80th Anniversary Event

The low loader of Scotts Heavy Haulage reversing from Lytham Road into Hopton Road
Brush Car 630 arrived in Blackpool during the early evening of 18th September, after making the journey from the National Tramway Museum at Crich on the low loader of Scotts Heavy Haulage. Brush 630 is on loan from the Tramway Museum Society in order that it can take part in the 80th Anniversary of the Blackpool Brush Car event that is taking place this coming weekend. 630 was unloaded during the hours of darkness and in rather wet weather.
Scotts low loader reversing into Blundell Street past Balloon 715 waiting to leave on a private hire

Scotts low loader reversing from Hopton Road into Blundell Street
Scotts low loader reversing along Blundell Street
Brush Car 630 being pulled off the low loader trailer by Unimog 939