Thursday 29 October 2020

Gothenburg Trams

M29 trams 848 & 824 on Line 2 at Drottningtorget
Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and has a busy tram system comprising twelve routes running over 100 miles of track. The city's bus network is operated by a mixture of diesel, natural gas and electric powered vehicles. All the photos were taken during a visit in May 2018.

M29 tram 825 & M28 762 on Line 3 on Ostra Hamngatan
A pair of M28 trams led by 766 on Line 6 on Norra Hamngatan
M29 tram 823 & M28 702 on Line 3 at Drottningtorget
M29 tram 850 & M28 728 on Line 2 on Ostra Hamngatan
ASEA/MGB M31 tram 337 on Line 6 on Sodra Hamngatan
ASEA/MGB M31 tram 364 on Line 6 on Norra Hamngatan
AnsaldoBreda M32 tram 435 on Line 9 on Jarntorgsgatan
Preserved 1961 Hägglund M25 tram 582
Single M29 car 854 on driver training duties at Drottningtorget
Volvo 7500 articulated bus 3896 on route 16 on Norra Hamngatan
Solaris Urbino 15 LE CNG 2089 on route 50 at Stenpiren Resecentrum
Volvo electric bus 2038 on route 55 on Ostra Hamngatan
Volvo electric bus 2031 on route 55 on Ostra Hamngatan

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Trident Driver Trainer

Dennis Trident Driver Trainer 973 on the Promenade near the Imperial Hotel

Dennis Trident Driver Trainer 973 (ex 303) was spotted passing Wilton Parade on the Promenade while on driver training duties on 14th October.

Saturday 3 October 2020

Cambridge Busway

13.4m tri-axle Volvo B8L 13901 leaving Histon heading towards Cambridge

The Cambridgeshire Busway is the longest guided busway in the world, with the guided sections of the route totalling 16 miles. The Busway opened in 2011, with the concrete guide tracks laid mostly on former railway alignments. There were two routes operating on the Busway at the time of my visit, Route A operates between St Ives and Trumpington Park & Ride, south of Cambridge, Route B runs between Hinchingbrooke Hospital at Huntingdon and Central Cambridge. The services are operated by Stagecoach East who have invested £5 million in the purchase of 18 new buses for use on the Busway, comprising twelve 13.4 metre tri-axle Volvo B8Ls with ADL Enviro 400XLB twin-door double-deck bodies (13901-13912) and six Volvo B8RLEs with MCV Evora single-deck bodywork (21363-21368).

Volvo B7RLE 21227 having just left the Histon busway stop.

Volvo B7RLE 21232 at Histon

Volvo B8L 13911 crossing Station Road in Histon

Volvo B8RLE 21367 with MCV Evora bodywork at Histon

Volvo B8L 13910 arriving in Histon

Volvo B7RLE 21228 crossing Station Road in Histon

Volvo B8L 13904 entering the guided track heading north at Histon

Volvo B8L 13902 rejoining the guided busway at Histon