Saturday 30 March 2024

It's All Kicking Off In Fleetwood

Fleetwood Police laying in wait for Balloon 717 on Lord Street on 30th March
Easter Saturday saw two heritage trams in Fleetwood in the morning instead of just the one timetabled Coastal Tour. A trip to Fleetwood to see Balloon 717 on the morning run saw Brush 631 paying a visit to the town at the same time. Brush 631 was on a private hire to Fleetwood and had a long layover at the Ferry loop. During a visit to Blackpool in the afternoon, Brush 631 was noted running on the Mini Prom Tours with Bolton 66 in charge of the Promenade Tours.

Balloon 717 arriving in Fleetwood on the morning Coastal Tour on 29th March

717 on Fleetwood Ferry loop with Brush 631 pulling in behind on a private hire
Balloon 717 heading down Pharos Street on its way back to Blackpool on 30th March
Flexity 018 passing Brush 631 parked up in the loop at Fleetwood Ferry
Brush 631 turning out of Pharos Street into North Albert Street
Bolton 66 heads off on the first Promenade Tour of the afternoon on 30th March

Friday 29 March 2024

New overall advert for Flexity 016

Flexity 016 at Fleetwood Ferry on 29th March, wearing its new yellow advert for Coral Island
Flexity 016 has received a new overall advert for Coral Island. The tram is basically all-over yellow, with Coral Island logos on the ends and above and below the windows along the sides, with contravision text covering the windows on three sections of the tram. The advert is rather unimaginative and bland compared to previous ambitious advert schemes that have graced the Flexity trams. On much closer inspection, the apparently plain yellow background contains an extremely faint brick wall pattern, this is so subtle as to be almost invislble unless viewed at very close quarters, and seems rather pointless. Flexity 016 previously carried a pink overall advert for the fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing which was applied in 2018.

Flexity 016 heading north at Cleveleys on 29th March

Flexity 016 turning right out of Bold Street in Fleetwood
Flexity 016 at Victoria Square in Cleveleys
The centre section of 016, showing the barely visible brick wall effect on the yellow
Flexity 016 in its previous advert livery at Cleveleys in August 2018

Friday 22 March 2024

Rainbow Crossings on Dickson Road

ADL Enviro200 MMC 230 crossing the traffic lights at Springfield Road

Several pedestrian crossings on Dickson Road in Blackpool have been given a colourful facelift this week. The rainbow crossings appeared overnight earlier in the week as part of a Blackpool Council ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ Action Plan. The crossings that have been repainted so far are two zebra crossings near the junctions at Cocker Street and Banks Street, and a four-way multicoloured crossing at the Springfield Road traffic light controlled junction.

Mercedes Citaro 559 heading north along Dickson Road at Cocker Street

Mercedes Citaro 555 at the Springfield Road traffic lights
Mercedes Citaro 557 passing the junction with Cocker Street