Thursday 28 March 2013

New Heritage Tour Stops

Flexity 010 picking up passengers at Cleveleys with the new northbound Heritage Tour stop sign in the foreground
In advance of the Heritage Tours beginning again on Friday 29th March, two new set of stops have been installed in readiness for the selected journeys that are being extended through to Fleetwood Ferry. New Heritage Tram stops have been erected at Cleveleys, Bold Street (alighting only) and Pharos Street (boarding only) in Fleetwood, the stops are located at pavement level away from the platforms for the Flexity 2 trams. For more information on this years Heritage Tours, see Blackpool Transport's Heritage Tour website.

The new Heritage Tour alighting stop at Bold Street in Fleetwood with Flexity 010 awaiting its departure time
The new Heritage Tour boarding stop at Pharos Street in Fleetwood with Flexity 010 heading for Starr Gate
The new Heritage Tour tram stops in Cleveleys, showing their locations relative to the high level platforms

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