Tuesday 12 March 2013

Foxhall pointwork maintenance

The track gang tightening the rail joints in the pointwork at Foxhall Square on 5th March
The new pointwork that was laid at Foxhall Square to allow access to the proposed new tram depot in Blundell Street (that was refused planning permission) has been undergoing some maintenance. The concrete around several of the rail joints at the points has been dug up to gain access to the fixing bolts, these have then been re-tightened and the holes filled in again with tarmac. This work has taken place over several weeks during the winter.

Northbound Flexity 013 passing the pointwork maintenance crew and their mess bus at Foxhall Square
Flexity 015 passing the gravel filled holes where the joints in the pointwork had been tightened at Foxhall Square

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