Saturday 23 March 2013

First Centenary in Green & Cream

Centenary 643 at Broadwater Caravan Park in Fleetwood in its new cream and green colour scheme on 23rd March
With the anticipated work by Blackpool Transport to restore Centenary 648 to an earlier guise, and the possibility of it returning into green and cream, the other extant Centenary cars on the Fylde coast have been rather overlooked. Blackpool's own heritage Centenary has been unexpectedly beaten into second place in the race to return green and cream by another of the local Centenarys. The previously black and white Centenary 643 at Broadwater Caravan Park in Fleetwood has been repainted, in a mostly cream colour scheme with two green bands along one side of the tram only and on both cab ends. The tram was delivered to the caravan park by Scotts Heavy Haulage in January of 2012, and has remained in its existing Metro Coastlines black and white colour scheme up until this new repaint.

The green bands on the opposite side run along the full length of the tram

643 being delivered by Scotts Heavy Haulage to Broadwater Caravan Park on 13th January 2012

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