Wednesday 20 March 2013

Permanent Way Buses

Blackpool Council Track Services department Atlantean 270 and Balloon 722 near to the Cabin in June 2007

The recent work to the rail joints at Foxhall Square saw the track gang being accompanied by their new mobile mess room, Metrorider 1064. This bus has been converted from former Blackpool Transport 512 (S512 LHG), an Optare bodied Metrorider delivered new to the operator in 1978. The vehicle is now painted in Blackpool Council colours and is used by their Track Services department as a mobile mess room, replacing Atlantean 270 which had been used for this purpose since 2006.

Blackpool Council Track Services department mobile mess room 1064 at Foxhall Square on 5th March
Metrorider 512 while in use as a mobile mess room during the tramway overhead replacement programme in 2010
Blackpool Council 270, former Blackpool Transport Atlantean 350, seen on the cliff top near the Cabin in 2007
Track Services department 262, a former Hull Atlantean, in use as the mobile mess room at Broadwater in 2004
Former Blackpool Corporation 1959 Metro Cammell bodied PD2 in use as the Illuminations Dept mess bus in 1981
Centre entrance Burlingham bodied Leyland PD2 Permanent Way bus 298 in use at the Pleasure Beach in 1973

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