Saturday 30 October 2021

Preston route branding on Service 23

Preston Bus Wright Streetdeck 40807 showing the new branding for route 23
Preston Bus have introduced special branding for route 23 to Asda to mark 100 years of service on the route (as of next year). The side advert panels show a summary of the history of the route since it commenced operation in 1922. All the photos shown here were taken during a visit to Preston on 15th October.

The offside of Wright Streetdeck 40807 showing the route 23 branding
Streetdeck 40808 showing the application of the route branding on the rear of the bus
Streetdeck 40806 turning out of Pole Street on the approach to the bus station
Streetdeck 40719 (without route branding) on Lords Walk on route 23 to the bus station
Diamond Bus 40842 leaving the bus station on route 23 to Asda