Sunday 23 October 2016

Volvo 524 Pictorial

Volvo 524 on Kelso Avenue in Cleveleys on the service 7 to Lytham
Volvo B7RLE 524 was repainted in September into a 1990s style green and cream heritage livery to celebrate 30 years of Blackpool Transport Services. Here are a few sunny shots of the vehicle taken since it entered service.

Volvo 524 at Talbot Square in Blackpool on service 7 to Cleveleys

Volvo 524 heading for Cleveleys along Abingdon Street in Blackpool town centre

Saturday 22 October 2016

Trident 332 goes Green and Cream

Dennis Trident 332 westbound on Church Street on the service 2C from Knott End
Further to the repainting last month of Volvo 524 in a heritage green and cream livery, Dennis Trident 332 has also now been treated to the Blackpool Transport Services 30th Anniversary colour scheme, and very smart it looks too. 332 entered passenger service on Saturday 22nd October in its new livery, working on route 2C between Blackpool and Knott End.

Trident 332 approaching Blackpool Victoria Hospital along Whinney Heys Road
A rear three-quarter view of Trident 332 turning from Whinpark Avenue onto East Park Drive

Friday 21 October 2016

The Trawler in all its glory

Trawler 737 loading up with tour passengers on the Pleasure Beach loop
Refurbished Trawler 737 has finally entered service on Illumination Tours, two weeks before the Illuminations are due to finish. With the teething problems hopefully out of the way, 737 made its return to passenger service by operating the 7pm tour from the Pleasure Beach on 21st October.

737 displaying a scrolling advertising message from the trams sponsors
Trawler 737 arriving at the Pleasure Beach to take its place on Illuminations Tour duty
737 showing a flame type pattern scrolling along the side of the tram
737 demonstrating floating balloon type patterns
737 about to leave on its first tour of the illuminations since the LED lighting was fixed
737 heading north from the Pleasure Beach on the 1900 illuminations tour

Wednesday 19 October 2016

The Extant Excel

Excel 225 on Poulton Road in Layton, on the service 11 from Grange Park to Lytham on 19th October
After a false last day of operation for the Optare Excels, back in spring 2015, Blackpool Transport are finally down to their last remaining example in passenger service, well over a year after the supposed Excel swansong in May 2015. Optare Excel 225 (T935 EAN) was part of a batch of vehicles purchased from Reading Buses in 2008, and is now the last of its type in operation. 225 was noted in use on service 11 between Grange Park and Lytham on 19th October.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

New Trident in Catch22 service

Former Stagecoach London 10.5m Trident LX03 BVJ in Cleveleys on Service 21 to St Annes
Former Stagecoach London 10.5m Trident 17773 (LX03 BVJ) entered service on the Catch22Bus Coastliner 21 service today. This bus is similar, but longer, to ex Stagecoach London 9.9m Trident 17506 (LX51 FNJ), that entered service with Catch22 in August 2015.

A rear view of former Stagecoach London Trident LX03 BVJ at Anchorsholme
Frack Free 9.9m Dennis Trident LX51 FNJ on service 21 to Blackpool Zoo on 14th July

Friday 7 October 2016

Illuminated Trawler relaunched

Trawler 737 on the loop track at Fleetwood Ferry
The illuminated Trawler was relaunched on Thursday 6th October at a private event for the sponsors of the tram's refurbishment. 737 took the party to Fleetwood where they decamped at the Heritage Tour stop in Bold Street to have lunch at the North Euston Hotel. The Trawler was stabled on the loop line at Fleetwood Ferry while the guests dined out. The following day on the Friday, 737 was launched to the public with two special tours to Fleetwood at 1700 and 2030. Unfortunately gremlins seemed to have got into the wiring since the previous day, and the main LED lighting wasn't working.

Testing the lights on 737 before leaving the depot with the private party onboard
Trawler 737 crossing the Promenade at Manchester Square with the sponsor's guests onboard
A side view of Trawler 737 stabled on the loop track at Fleetwood Ferry

Thursday 6 October 2016

Refurbished Volvo 528

Refurbished Centro bodied Volvo 528 seen on Hopton Road on 6th October
Newly refurbished Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo B7RLE 528 (BF60 UVM) has now returned from Bus & Coach World in Blackburn. 528 was noted on Hopton Road on 6th October, and was still awaiting the application of its Palladium branding and fleet numbers.

A Plethora of Palladia

Enviro 402, Trident 973, Citaro 559 and Centro 527 lined up in the yard at Rigby Road
A chance encounter at Rigby Road on 6th October found an example of each type of BTS bus that carries the Palladium livery lined up in the bus depot yard. From left to right are Enviro 402, Trident 973, Citaro 559 and Centro 527.

Sunday 2 October 2016

2016 Wirral Bus & Tram Show

Liverpool Baby Grand 245 passing the Egerton lift bridge on its way towards Woodside Ferry
The annual Wirral Bus & Tram Show took place on Sunday 2nd October. During the morning there were only two trams in operation, these being Hong Kong built cars 69 and 70, after midday a four car tram service was provided, with open-top Birkenhead 20 and Liverpool Baby Grand 245 joining the two Hong Trams for the rest of the day. As usual the main participants of the event were static displays of preserved buses, with a further selection of buses offering demonstration rides to visitors. The day was blessed with glorious sunshine, and as usual the event was a credit to the organisors, volunteers and visiting vehicle owners.

Hong Kong built tram No 60 crossing over Canning Street near the Egerton lift bridge
Hong Kong built tram No 70 passing the Pacific Road building
1900 Birkenhead Milnes open-top car 20 leaving Woodside Ferry

Crosville open-topper DLG 950, a 1958 Bristol Lodekka LD6G with ECW bodywork
1967 Birkenhead Leyland Titan PD2 No 152 turning out of Shore Road
Liverpool Guy Vixen tower wagon GKD 317, 1953 AEC Regent III A36 and 1957 AEC Regent V A267
1951 Wallasey Leyland Titan PD2/1 No 54 on Canning Street
Mersey ferry Snowdrop painted in a WW1 dazzle camouflage inspired colour scheme