Sunday 23 September 2018

September Spectacular

Centenary 642 leaving the Pleasure Beach on a heritage tour to Little Bispham and back

September 22nd & 23rd saw the annual September Spectacular event for the heritage trams being held in Blackpool. Of the two days Sunday saw the best of the weather, and here are some photos taken during a few hours spent around the Pleasure Beach on the Sunday.

Boat 600 and Box Car 40 head up two lines of trams at the Pleasure Beach

Railcoach 680 and Balloon 717 at the Pleasure Beach

Bolton 66 leaving the Pleasure Beach for a heritage tour to Bispham

A selection of tram front ends on the Pleasure Beach loop

Railcoach 680 and Boat 600 waiting for their turns of duty at the Pleasure Beach

Balloon 701 at North Pier as seen from Boat 600

Brush Car 621 at the temporary Heritage Tour stop just north of Manchester Square