Monday 2 April 2012

More Flexities with new vinyls

Flexity 010 making its debut, complete with full branding, seen passing the old Copse Road tram depot in Fleetwood
Flexities 006 and 010 both made their debut today with full branding and fleet numbers, in use on the shadow ghost running service, 006 was still carrying its temporary fleet number cards in the cab windows.

Flexity 006 freshly outshopped with new vinyls and fleet numbers, on the ghost service at Starr Gate


  1. There should have being a new Flexity at Starr Gate at 12.20pm yesterday 5th April it never arrived. They then brought out the old one I actually got on and went upstairs a Flexity was just arriving I was off like a shot. Then we had to wait for the truck with the tram on to pass. The Flexity to Fleetwood left around 13:00 my ticket says 13:00:21 we got to Bispham at around 13:45 I got off and a No 1 bus was at the stop going back to Starr Gate the ticket for that bus says 13:52.

    According to the time table it should have taken 29mins to get to Bispham and 50 to Fleetwood. The driver of our Flexity apologized for the delays and got off for a smoke.

  2. The problem was you were stuck behind Balloon 724, the double-decker that you got off. 724 had problems with the new doors which was causing the delay, see blog entry "Flexities and Balloons" posted yesterday.

  3. Fair enough Alan caused us to be held up, but what caused the 12:20pm Flexity to be held up coming to Starr Gate. I was talking to some tram enthusiasts who said trams where leaving Starr Gate but not returning they went to check with staff why it was late they did not know either. Or they were not saying.

    When our Flexity got well past the North Pier where the track bends and the road goes to a roundabout we stayed there for a good length of time the conductor said we have to leave at least a tram stop between trams as these new ones take more power than the old ones.

    So something was causing the timetable to go to pot before 724 had it's problem.

  4. There are probably a multitude of reasons why the service is all over the place at the moment. I think the popularity of the new tram service with the public has somewhat overwhelmed the supposed 20 minute headway. Today I noted large numbers of passengers at most stops in Blackpool, and trams full to capacity leaving a lot of them behind.