Wednesday 4 April 2012

First Day of Flexity 2 Service

Flexities 010 and 004 pass at North Pier in the afternoon
Besides the rather unfortunate derailment of 006 in Fleetwood on the first timetabled journey, the rest of the day was fairly incident free, although it wasn't unusual to see 45 minute headways at times, instead of the advertised 20 minute service, and sometimes bunching occurred, where two trams passed by in close succession. The Flexities in passenger service at various times during the first day were 001, 004 and 006-011, 002 being restricted to driver training duties for the day.

Flexity 001 passing The Sands Venue, having just pulled away from the Tower stop

Flexity 007 approaching Cleveleys tram station
007 seen later in the day, running down Lord Street in Fleetwood in the late afternoon sun

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