Friday 27 April 2012

Flexity 013 Night Arrival

Flexity 013 being unloaded from its transporter just after 23:00 on Friday night
Flexity 013 arrived at Hull docks on the morning of Thursday 26th April, but due to the fact that a police escort could not be provided that day the tram had to stay in Hull, despite the move having been planned for weeks. The transporter finally left Hull the following morning (Friday 27th) at 06:30, but only got as far as Hartshead Moor Services on the M62 motorway in Yorkshire, as the tram transporter had been stopped by local police who'd decided that it was one metre too long to travel, despite the fact that 12 Flexities have already been delivered using this very same route without any problems! 013 was finally allowing to leave Yorkshire after the evening rush hour on Friday, arriving in Blackpool later that evening. The unloading upon arrival was a fairly swift affair, with the tram being driven into Starr Gate depot under its own power just before 23:30.

Flexity 003 on the 23:00 service to Fleetwood Ferry passes 013 being unloaded
013 being slowly winched down the transporter ramp
The pantograph being raised on 013 in preparation for being moved into the depot
013 about to enter the depot under its own power just before 23:30

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