Saturday 14 April 2012

Flexities still failing in service

Flexity 008 stranded at Pleasant Street, with its passengers making their way across to the adjacent Route 1 bus stop

The incidence of Flexity 2 trams failing in service is still occurring, much to the inconvenience of the travelling public. On Saturday 14th April, Flexity 008 failed at Pleasant Street at 10:00 while heading for Fleetwood Ferry. Most of the passengers left the stranded tram and headed for the nearby Route 1 bus stop. In the meantime the crew inspected the rear bogie, which was presumably indicating a problem on the drivers console. After several minutes, the passengers at the bus stop (who had been complaining about trams breaking down and not running often enough) were beckoned back to the tram, as the problem seemed to have cleared itself. 008 continued its interrupted journey northwards again.

The tram crew inspecting the suspect rear bogie of 008

The passengers reboarding Flexity 008 after the crew had declared it operational again

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