Thursday 5 April 2012

Flexities and Balloons

Modified Balloon 724 departs Starr Gate for Fleetwood as Flexity 008 unloads on the opposite platform

724 loading up with passengers at Starr Gate
The second day of LRT operations in Blackpool saw the first use in passenger service of one of the modified Balloons. Flat fronted Balloon 724 was rostered for use on a special to Fleetwood Ferry and departed from Starr Gate just after 12:40. This trip would have been memorable on several levels, the first use of a Balloon on the upgraded tramway and the first passenger operation of a double deck tram from the new depot.

724 dropping down into Gynn Square in the first use of double-deck trams in passenger service in 2012
Balloon 724, now out of service, being passed by 008
Unfortunately after a short while the old problem with the new doors reared its ugly head again, and by the time Norbreck had been reached, 724 had to disembark all its passengers who got onto following Flexity 008, which was running a short working to Thornton Gate. Also out on the tramway today was Balloon 713 operating on test from Starr Gate depot.
Balloon 713 returning to Starr Gate after a test run by reversing over the crossover at Foxhall

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