Thursday 22 March 2012

Rigby Road Ramblings

All cream MTMS owned Railcoach 680 at the front of the depot with Unimog G262SCK at the right
The big tram shunt that took place at Rigby Road depot two days ago has seen the Manchester Transport Museum Society owned all cream Railcoach 680 move to the front of the depot. At the right is Unimog G262SCK that was loaned from AC Price Engineering to act as cover after Unimog 939's accident a couple of years ago.

706 on trolley pole turning training duties in Hopton Road
Other goings on today saw open-top Balloon 706 "Princess Alice" on Hopton Road, being used to train the conductor school in the art of how to turn a trolley pole. It's a positive sign that 706 was brought out to perform this duty as it proves that the tram is functional and hopefully still fit enough to become part of the heritage fleet this year

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