Friday 23 March 2012

Cardiff 131 leaves for Crich

Cardiff 131 returning from a photo shoot by the Tower
Cardiff water car 131 departed for Crich today, marking the end of its period of loan to Blackpool. 
131 was driven from Starr Gate depot to the Tower, where it paused for photo opportunities before heading back to Blundell Street for loading onto the back of Scotts low loader.

131 turning from Lytham Road into Hopton Road, heading for Scotts low loader in Blundell Street

Cardiff 131 made two trips down Lytham Road today within the space of a few hours, the first time under its own power to take itself to Blundell Street, the second time at the start of a rather longer journey, on the back of Scotts low loader for the long trip home to Crich tramway museum.

131 heading off down Lytham Road on the back of Scotts low loader bound for Crich

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