Tuesday 20 March 2012

Flexity training reaches Fleetwood

Flexity 009 becomes the first tram in 2012 on the driver training programme to reach Fleetwood
009 noses into Lord Street to reverse on the crossover
After the successful testing of the line from Thornton Gate to Ash Street by Balloons 709 and 723 yesterday, Flexity driver training has now been extended through to Fleetwood from today. Very appropriately 009, the newest tram to be commissioned for the driver training programme, still with its Bombardier delivery paper stuck to the windscreen, became the first tram to reach Ash Street this morning. It is seen at the left, entering Lord Street to clear the points so it can reverse on the crossover.

009 at Broadwater road crossing, returning from its first trip to Fleetwood
009 at Bispham being passed by Balloon 709
Flexity 009 reversed onto the centre track when it reached Bispham, being passed by Balloon 709 which was out on test, see photo at left. 
Perhaps it was also appropriate that 001, the inaugural Flexity 2, should become the second tram of the day to reach Ash Street, it is seen in the photo below at Fisherman's Walk.

001, the second Flexity of the day to reach Fisherman's Walk

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