Thursday 22 March 2012

Fleetwood Flexities Day 3

Trident 330 on route 14 passes Flexity 002 at the start of Lord Street in Fleetwood
Flexity 008 at Ash Street with 002 arriving from the south
The steel fence enclosed work compound at the entrance to Lord Street in Fleetwood has now been cleared away, affording better photographic opportunities at this location. Early morning lighting enabled the above shot to be captured of Trident 330 passing Flexity 002 sat at the current northernmost limit of the driver training. The view at the left shows 002 having just arrived at Ash Street while Flexity 008 waits to head off south.
008 running past the crossing points, watched by a pair of seagulls sat on the clock tower

Flexity 008 sat outside Lord Street Post Office before returning south over the crossover
001 outside "Cafe 3 one 6", the sight of Flexities in Lord Street was generating a lot of interest amongst the locals

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