Monday 19 March 2012

Balloons return to Fleetwood

Balloons 723, 709 and Unimog 939 awaiting clearance to proceed north at Thornton Gate, and Flexity 002 on training
Balloons 709 and 723 cross the boundary into Fleetwood at Rossall Farm
Balloons made a welcome return to Fleetwood today when 709 and 723 travelled north of Thornton Gate checking out the overhead, preceded by Unimog 939. The trams ventured as far north as Ash Street in Fleetwood before roadworks prevented any further progress, they then reversed before heading back south again with the Unimog leading once more. The round trip from Thornton Gate was repeated again in the afternoon, before the trams finally returned to Rigby Road depot. This was the first time that Balloons have been to Fleetwood since November 2010, when the tramway was closed for upgrade work to commence.

709 heading north over the road crossing at Broadwater
723 and 709 at Fisherman's Walk in Fleetwood


  1. Great to see the balloons out and about! Great pictures Alan!!!

  2. Is there something up with 723's destination display? Looks as though it's been panelled over - or has the blind simply been removed....

    1. No it's just displaying the blank (black) end part of the blind.