Friday 14 September 2012

Twin Set 272 and T2 Launched

Twin Set 2 arrives at the Pleasure Beach for its launch ceremony in its new guise as part of the heritage fleet
Following the shunt of Twin Set 672/682 last Thursday, that revealed it to be painted in an all cream livery, the trams were officially unveiled at the Pleasure Beach today. Blackpool Transport had kindly planned to run an early tour, at 18:00 from the Pleasure Beach, so that the tram could be seen and photographed in daylight before it entered Illumination Tour service later that same evening in the dark. As it happened, technical problems conspired to delay the launch until 18:30, as the tram had to travel to Little Bispham first in order to turn around. Councillor Fred Jackson performed the unveiling ceremony, revealing that motor car 672 had been renumbered to 272, and trailer 682 to its original fleet number of T2. After a pause for photographs, the assembled enthusiasts climbed on board the trailer set to sample its first run as part of the heritage fleet. After the launch run, 272/T2 entered normal Illumination Tour duty at the switch on time of 19:45.

Councillor Fred Jackson performs the unveiling ceremony, while Bob Mason (Director of Delivery at BTS) looks on
A view of the new heritage Twin Set from trailer T2 end

Twin Set 272/T2 bathed in the late evening sunlight after its launch ceremony, shortly before running its first tour
Side view of 272/T2 sat on the Pleasure Beach loop waiting to run its inaugural tour

The interior of motor car 272 shortly after departing on its inaugural run as part of the heritage fleet

Twin Set 272/T2 about to depart on the first Tour of the Illuminations of the evening from the Pleasure Beach

672/682 in their last year of service in Metro Coastlines livery in 2011, passing the Metropole Hotel
Twin Set 672/682, sporting the 1990s colour scheme in 2002, approaching the Waterloo Road stop on South Prom