Sunday 2 September 2012

First night of Illumination Tours

The Western Train boarding passengers for the Illuminations Tour at the new loading point at the Pleasure Beach
On a notice published back in April, the original plan was for the Heritage Tours to switch to evening running from 31st August, starting at 5pm. A subsequent notice was issued saying there would be no tours of any sort on 31st August (Illuminations switch-on night). Yesterday (1st September), no Heritage Tours ran at all, only the three illuminated trams were out on tours, beginning their tours of the Illuminations at 8pm.

The Western Train at the Illuminations Tour loading point, by the heritage stop at the Pleasure Beach
The Western Train at the south end of the Pleasure Beach loop waiting for the Illuminations to switch on
The Western Train about to begin the first 2012 tour of the Illuminations
The Frigate arriving for its first tour from the Pleasure Beach, as northbound Flexity 013 loads up
Frigate 736 loads up at the Heritage Tour stop at the Pleasure Beach
The Frigate heads off from the Pleasure Beach at 8.05pm on its first Tour of the Illuminations
The notice that BTS issued in April detailing the Heritage Tour service

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