Wednesday 5 September 2012

Brush 632 departs for Marton

LTT Brush car 632 loaded up and almost ready to leave
LTT owned Brush car 632 left Rigby Road today, hot on the heels of PW car 259 that left yesterday. 632 was destined for the same temporary outdoor accommodation at the old Duple factory site that 259 was moved to earlier in the day.

Brush car 632 was removed from the depot and pushed into Blundell Street by Unimog 938
632 being winched onto Allelys low-loader
Allelys low-loader swinging out of Hopton Road into Lytham Road
632 travelling down Burton Road in Marton
Allelys low-loader negotiating a tricky gateway onto private land at the end of Burton Road
632 about to enter the private road around the back of the Dennis Eagle factory
Allelys transporter negotiating the access road around the side of the former Busworks depot
Transporter and tram leaning over rather precariously while exiting the former Busworks site
Allelys low-loader reversing across the former Duple coachworks site

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