Thursday 6 September 2012

Heritage Twin Set

Heritage Twin Set trailer 682 in its new all cream livery during a depot shunt late this afternoon
For a while now it had been intended that Twin Set 672/682 would join the heritage fleet at Blackpool, and that it would be repainted in an older style of livery, but exactly which livery had so far been kept secret up until today. Separate shunts of the two halves of the Twin Set brought it out into the open today, revealing that the chosen colour scheme is the short lived all cream livery from the early 1960s. Trailer car 682 was very briefly shunted out of the depot just after 17:00 this evening, and it looked resplendent in its new all cream livery, complete with green lining and Blackpool Corporation crests. It was suspected that the shunt was to bring the two halves of the Twin Set together, so hopefully we will see this superb looking Twin Car in use again in the not too distant future.

Newly repainted Twin Set trailer 682 emerges into the sunshine briefly during a shunt from the Electrical Compound


  1. Fabulous. Whoever paid for the repaint many thanks.

  2. I assume that Blackpool Transport paid for the repaint, as the Twin Set is part of their own heritage fleet. I agree it does look great.