Friday 8 May 2015

Two New Flexity Adverts

Flexity 005 reversing at Foxhall on the temporary split tram service, showing off its new Stay advert
Two of the Flexities have received new single-sided adverts in the last week for the same sponsor. Flexities 005 and 013 are both now carrying adverts for Stay above the side windows along the full length of the tram and below the centre section windows. The adverts are very simple with "stay" displayed on a pink and blue background, although each tram has the advert arranged differently on the body sections. Both trams are pictured here working on the split tram service that is in operation due to filming that is taking place this week on the Promenade in front of the Tower.

Flexity 013 crossing back onto the northbound line at North Pier, after terminating here on the split tram service
The Stay advert is identical on the centre-section of both trams, it is seen here on Flexity 013

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