Sunday 3 May 2015

May Bank Holiday Sunday

Balloon 700 heading south on the Golden Mile in a spell of sunshine during the afternoon on 3rd May
Sunday 3rd May started out with atrocious weather conditions for the heritage tram operations in Blackpool, with heavy rain during the first half of the morning, although by lunchtime the rain had eased and there was even a bit of sunshine mid-afternoon. The heritage trams in use for the gold timetable were Brush 631, Centenary 642 and Balloons 700, 701, 715 & 717, with several trips to Fleetwood included as part of the timetable. Unfortunately the newly repainted 715 was looking very grimy by Sunday, with lots of dark streaks of dirt running down the new cream paintwork on both sides of the tram caused by the rain on Saturday and Sunday,  this rather detracted from the pristine condition that the tram was in on the morning before.

Balloon 701 heading for Little Bispham on the gold timetable Heritage Tour service on Sunday 3rd May
Brush Car 631 heading south at the Tower on Heritage Tour service
Centenary 642 heading north at Central Pier towards Little Bispham
Balloon 715 looking rather grimy due to rain washed dirt running down both sides of the tram over the new paintwork

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