Saturday 23 May 2015

Green & Cream Saturday

Balloon 715 at the Tower sporting new side adverts for Tram Sunday in Fleetwood
The heritage trams on Saturday 23rd May were running to the green timetable, which uses four trams nominally operating every 20 minutes between the Pleasure Beach and Little Bispham. The theme for the day was "Green & Cream", with trams 147, 600, 648 and 715 running the service during the morning, Balloon 715 has also received full length between deck adverts for Tram Sunday in Fleetwood. Shortly after 1330 two tram substitutions were made, 147 returned to the depot with compressor problems and was replaced by Boat 230, 600 also returned to Rigby Road depot, being swapped for 706 Princess Alice. Later in the afternoon Balloon 715 also began to have compressor problems and was replaced in service by Brush Car 631. The 1610 departure from the Pleasure Beach offered a run through to Fleetwood Ferry, this being operated by 706.

Standard 147 at South Pier, about to be overtaken by an ambulance using the tram tracks whilst on a call out
Boat 600 southbound at the Cabin on an early morning heritage run
147 heading for the depot with a faulty compressor, followed by 600 also on its way to Rigby Road for a tram swap
Boat 230 coming off the centre siding at Bispham before returning to the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 715 heading south past Central Pier on a morning Heritage Tour run
Centenary 648 waiting for passengers at the southbound Heritage Tour tram stop at Bispham
Standard 147 turning short at Bispham while 715 passes by on its way to Little Bispham
Balloon 706 heading back south down Lord Street in Fleetwood after its late afternoon trip to the Ferry

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