Thursday 12 July 2012

Twin Set motor car 674 departs Blackpool

Twin Set motor car 674 shortly before departure time
The first half of Twin Set 674/684 left Blackpool rails this morning. Motor car 674 was loaded onto Scotts low loader in Blundell Street, destined for the same home as Centenary 647 that departed on Tuesday. The North Eastern Electrical Traction Trust, based in the North East of England, has already taken delivery of Balloon 721 and Centenary 647, these two trams will soon be joined by Twin Set 674/684. Scotts low loader finally left Blundell Street with 674 onboard at 1340.

674 being winched onto Scotts low loader in Blundell Street
Loading 674's trolley tower alongside the pantograph tower of Centenary 647
Scotts low loader departing Blundell Street at 1340 with its load of 674 and two towers
Scotts low loader accelerating away down Lytham Road headed for 674's new home in the North East


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