Sunday 1 July 2012

Flexity advert round-up

Flexity 011, carrying an advert on one side only for Redrow Homes, on a short working to Cabin on 28th June
A gallery of the first five Flexity 2 trams to receive advertisements. Flexity 011 was the first of the new trams to carry advertising, entering service on 9th June with an advert on one side of the tram only for Redrow Homes. The next four Flexities have all been outshopped with various adverts for the Pleasure Beach which are one both sides on the tram, 006 on 14th June (Ice Skating Arena), 005 on 17th June (Big Blue Hotel), 014 on 27th June (Pleasure Beach) and 015 on 29th June (Nickelodeon Land).

The first of the Pleasure Beach adverts (for the Ice Skating Arena) appeared on Flexity 006, seen here on 17th June
Flexity 014 carries an advert for the Pleasure Beach amusement park, seen southbound at Cabin on 28th June
Flexity 005 at Anchorsholme Crossing on 30th June with an advert for the Big Blue Hotel at the Pleasure Beach
The latest Flexity to enter service is 015, seen at the Gynn on 30th June with a Nickelodeon Land advert

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