Monday 2 July 2012

Cleveleys Flyers

Flexity 011 became the first of the timetabled Cleveleys Flyers to arrive at 0922, and reverse to return to Starr Gate
Today saw the first operation of timetabled Flexities turning at Cleveleys, as part of the upgraded service that came into force with the new timetable that was introduced yesterday. Starting at 0922 each alternate northbound tram turns at Cleveleys at 20 minute intervals, this continues until 1102 after which time northbound cars then run through to Fleetwood Ferry as normal. The first day of this service saw Flexity 011 arrive at Cleveleys at 0922 and reverse, followed by 013 at 0942, 007 at 1002, 009 at 1022, 004 at 1042 and 013 at 1102. This pattern of short workings may be designed to improve the mid-morning southbound service on the promenade, in order to cater for the outflow of hotel guests leaving after they have finished their breakfasts. Previous years have seen large numbers of people at stops along the north promenade attempting to catch a southbound tram.

Flexity 011 reversing on the crossover just north of Cleveleys tram station to head south again
011's crew get some fresh air before leaving as the 0928 departure from Cleveleys to Starr Gate
Flexity 013 rounding the Orion Curve on the 0942 short working to Cleveleys

Blackpool Council owned tram and bus, Flexity 007 on a Cleveleys turn back at 1002

Flexity 004 reverses on the crossover at Cleveleys, while 003 on driver training waits at West Drive

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