Sunday 10 June 2012

Turned Out Nice Again

George Formby Boat 230 was used instead of the planned Standard 147 on Sunday's Heritage Tour
Sunday's planned Heritage Tour output of Centenary 648 and Standard 147 was modified in view of the sunny weather to 648 and George Formby Boat 230, which had to return to the depot after its launch yesterday due to the wet weather. The chance to ride Boat 230 instead of Standard 147 was welcomed by enthusiasts and visitors alike. The icing on the cake however came around lunchtime, when due to problems with Centenary 648, the decision was taken to bring out prototype Boat car 600, thus providing an all green and cream Boat experience on the heritage service for the first time this year.

Boat 600 on its first southbound run of the day passes 230 at North Pier

230 posed alongside 600 that was taking its lunch break at the Pleasure Beach
The wooden name plaque on the side of 230 with "George Formby OBE" in an Art Deco style font
The new Heritage Tram Tour uniform
The above photo shows one of the new wooden name plaques that are fitted next to the doors on each side of Boat 230, displaying the name "George Formby OBE" in an Art Deco font. This weekend also saw the first use of the newly issued Heritage Tour crew uniforms. The uniforms consist of a waistcoat, jacket and tie, with the jacket proudly displaying the Heritage Tram Tour logo.
Boats 600 and 230 pass each other at Wilton Parade

Boat 230 southbound at the Metropole Hotel
600 picks up passengers at the southbound stop at North Pier

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