Friday 29 June 2012

SpongeBob Flexity

Flexity 015 making its debut in service, carrying an advert for Nickelodeon Land at the Pleasure Beach
Flexity 015 ran in passenger service for the first time today, with yet another new advert for the Pleasure Beach, this time for Nickelodeon Land. The previous tram to advertise Nickelodeon Land was Jubilee 762, which is now at Crich still displaying the advert. 015 is the fifth Flexity to 
enter service with adverts, and the fourth one to carry adverts for the Pleasure Beach, which all
look very similar apart from the centre section below window vinyls.

The centre section vinyls featuring SpongeBob SquarePants on the Nickelodeon Land advert
Flexity 015 was still in fleet livery without adverts on Monday 25th June, seen here with 717 at Starr Gate

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