Monday 25 June 2012

Final Flexity 2 delivered

The transporter and Flexity 016 cresting the brow of Squires Gate Lane railway bridge at 1230 on Monday
The last new Flexity 2 for Blackpool was delivered today, when 016 finally arrived two days later than originally planned, having been delayed twice since its arrival at Hull docks on Saturday.
016 crested the railway bridge on Squires Gate Lane at 1230, bringing to a close the delivery of the sixteen Flexity 2 trams, although 002 still has to be returned from Bombardier after being sent to Germany for rectification work on 12th May. After a slightly longer than usual unloading, due to having to back the brakes off on each wheel first, 016 was finally driven into the depot at 1430.

Flexity 016, the first to be delivered with vinyls and fleet numbers already applied, on Squires Gate Lane bridge
The transporter crosses the central reservation of Squires Gate Lane in order to cut off the sharp corner at the lights
The transporter leaving New South Promenade and crossing the bus loading bay to gain access to the tramway
016 and transporter rounding the curve onto the Promenade to the final unloading position
The transporter now in the final unloading position over the depot stub line, with 011 passing southbound
Flexity 016 waiting to be unloaded while service cars 011 and 013 pass each other in front of the depot
016 being winched down the ramp onto Blackpool rails, the last of the new Flexity 2s to perform this manoeuvre
Flexity 016 being slowly lowered down the ramp with the aid of the remote controlled winch
With 016 now unloaded and the transporter ramp already being folded away, service car 012 passes by heading north
The sun finally puts in an appearance, just as 016 is about to be driven into the depot under its own power
The last of the new Flexity 2s to be delivered is driven safely into Starr Gate depot at 1430

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