Monday 29 April 2024

Transpora South buses in Blackpool

 Transpora South Coast Enviro400 LF59XDZ on route 21 to Fleetwood on 24th April

A couple of Transpora Group buses from their southern operating areas were noted in Blackpool recently. Transpora South Coast ADL Enviro400 LF59XDZ was running on the Transpora North West route 21 between Fleetwood and North Pier last week. LF59XDZ was formerly with Abellio London, and is currently in the Transpora southern region livery of white with blue flashes. Transpora Bristol Scania Omnicity LX58CEV was spotted parked in Bispham, still in full Stagecoach London red livery, complete with LT roundels (minus the Stagecoach fleet names). The Omnicity appeared to have last been used on a rail replacement service, according to the destination blind.

Transpora Scania Omnicity LX58CEV complete with London roundels, parked up in Bispham on 24th April
A rear view of Transpora South Coast Enviro400 LF59XDZ at the North Pier stop

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