Tuesday 23 April 2024

Talbot Road Route Testing

Flexity 010 returning from its first run to the North Station tram stop at 1120

Route testing along Talbot Road to North Station resumed on Tuesday 23rd April after a two year hiatus, the last Flexity testing having taken place in July 2022. Two trams were in use at various times throughout the day, with Flexity 010 arriving at the North Station terminus at 1015 on its first run. After a significant pause due to technical issues, 010 made its way back down to the Promenade at 1120. Flexity 015 joined the proceedings at 1220, from which point the two trams trams continued testing the short extension line until the middle of the afternoon.

Flexity 010 pausing at the Talbot Square tram stop
Flexity 010 crossing to the southbound Promenade line at Talbot Square
Flexity 015 waiting on Talbot Road at the Dickson Road traffic lights
Flexity 010 and 015 at the North Station tram terminus
Flexity 010 and 015 at North Station terminus adjacent to the new Holiday Inn hotel
Flexity 010 leaving the terminus with BTS Enviro 456 heading up Talbot Road on route 14
Flexity 015 crossing the traffic lights at the junction with Abingdon Street
BTS Enviro 572 on route 6 to Peel Park passing Flexity 010 at Talbot Square
Flexity 015 passing 010 which is waiting at Talbot Square

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