Monday 4 December 2023

Farewell Brush Car 637

Brush Car 637 passing Carousel Amusements near Central Pier in May 2004
One of the last remaining trams stored at Wyre Fish Dock in Fleetwood met its demise at the weekend. Brush Car 637 was cut up on site on Saturday 2nd December, all that remained visible of the tram a couple of days later were the bogies. The body of 637 was apparently in a very poor state, with plants growing inside the tram. Fortunately many spare parts including the motors and bogies have been saved in order to assist in the restoration of other preserved trams.

Brush 637 southbound at Manchester Square in June 1972

Brush 637 passing Standard 40 from Crich on display at Talbot Square during Centenary Year (1985)
Brush 637 during its storage at Wyre Fish Dock in February 2023

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