Wednesday 6 December 2023

And then there were none

Twin Cars 673 and 683 sat in the sunshine at Wyre Dock in February 2023

Twin Cars 673 & 683 were spotted on low loaders today, being transported away from their long term storage compound at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood. The Twin Set has been moved to an as yet undisclosed location, within 20 miles of Blackpool, and they were noted crossing the Shard Bridge in the direction of Over Wyre around lunchtime. These two trams were last last ones remaining in open storage at the fish dock, bringing to an end the long running saga of the old trams at Fleetwood.

Twin Cars 673 and 683 seen at the fish dock on 5th December, the day before their move

A close up view of the end of trailer 683 at Wyre Dock in June 2023

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