Thursday, 2 June 2022

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Tram Parade

The Western Train and Boat 227 heading up the parade at the Pleasure Beach

As part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Thursday 2nd June, Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours had arranged for a parade of trams to mark the occasion. Thirteen trams assembled on the Pleasure Beach loop, using both tracks, and the procession departed northbound at 1430, pausing for a short while at the Tower Headland, before continuing on to Bispham. The tram parade was comprised of thirteen trams in the following order, 227, 600, 631, 680, 648, Western Train, Trawler, Frigate, 66, 717, 723, 700 & 707. Balloon 723 was making its debut in a newly painted 1990s green and cream style livery.

Trams assembled on the Pleasure Beach loop in readiness for the parade

Balloon 700 arriving to join the trams gathered at the Pleasure Beach
The Western train leading the tram line up on the outer loop
Boat 227 leading the tram parade near Manchester Square
The Frigate leading Bolton 66 and a line of Balloons
Brush Car 631 leading a single deck line up
Bolton 66 and a line of Balloons at the rear of the cavalcade
Centenary 648 followed by the Western Train
Balloon 717 followed by 723, 700 and 707 at Manchester Square
Boat 227 leads the parade north from the Tower Headland
Newly repainted Balloon 723 heading south at Little Bispham
Balloon 700 at Little Bispham on its way back to Blackpool, followed by 707

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