Thursday, 23 June 2022

Preston Bus 100

Preston Bus 40628 and 40510 on display on the Flag Market on 23rd June
Preston Bus celebrated 100 years of operating motor buses on 23rd June. To commemorate the occasion, Preston Bus have painted Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B9TLs 40510 & 40628 in special liveries, reminiscent of Preston's earlier colour schemes. 40510 is painted in Preston Bus blue and cream (although the wrong colour of blue), and 40628 represents the older Preston Corporation livery of maroon and cream. Both buses were displayed on Preston Flag Market from 11am on Thursday 23rd June.

Preston Bus 40510 on the Flag Market
Preston Bus 40628 arriving for display on the Flag Market
Preston Bus 40510 arriving for display on the Flag Market
Preston began bus operations in 1922 with English Electric bodied Leyland G7s 51 to 53
An information banner alongside Volvo 40510 on the Flag Market


  1. 1923 should read 1922. The shade of blue used is Tahiti Blue which was applied to Renault 92 in Dec. 97 so it is technically correct.

    1. The blue on my camera must be way off then, it still didn't look right to me even in person though. Thanks, I'll change the date, my information source must have been wrong.

  2. There will be nothing wrong with your camera. Renault 92 was a one-off. The general shade of blue as you say was a bit lighter. Also the fleet numbers would have been NBC grey except Atlantean 157 did carry gold numbers (again a one-off) following the removal of the centre doors. A little bit of license.

    1. Thanks for the update Mike, I thought my memory wasn't playing up, it did look rather dark to me for Preston blue.