Saturday 28 September 2019

Standard 143 on display

Standard 143, on display at North Pier in all its glory

This weekend saw the now annual September Spectacular weekend put on by Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. Standard 143 put in its second showing of the week on the Promenade, unfortunately this time as a static exhibit at North Pier, due to the motor problems that had become apparent after its launch on Monday. The early morning weather on Saturday was atrocious, with leaden skies and heavy rain, luckily shortly after 10:00 this had blown over to be replaced by wall to wall sunshine for several hours. The clear weather meant that Standard 143 could be viewed in all its gleaming glory for most of the day, and what a pleasant sight it was.

Standard 143, unfortunately left rather too close to 718 for photography

A broadside view of Standard 143

Railcoach 680 passing Standard 143 at North Pier

Standard 143 and 718 which was in use as the Heritage Tram Tours shop

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