Tuesday 17 September 2019

Balloon 711 on Specials

Balloon 711 loading at North Pier on 16th September

Balloon 711 has been working on afternoon and evening specials for the last couple of weeks, supplementing the normal Flexity LRT service. The general routine has been for 711 to leave Rigby Road depot around 15:00, work a round trip Starr Gate to Little Bispham service, with the crew then taking their break at Starr Gate. After the crew break 711 has been operating more Starr Gate to Little Bispham and return workings during the evening.

Balloon 711 and Flexity 006 at Starr Gate

Balloon 711 at Central Pier

Balloon 711 and Flexity 011 at Starr Gate

711 beginning its southbound run from Little Bispham on 16th September

711 entering the loop at Little Bispham with Flexity 010 passing by southbound

Balloon 711 northbound at the Cabin on 11th September

Balloon 711 heading south at Bispham on 11th September

Balloon 711 loading at the Tower tram stop on 11th September

711 using the crossover at Starr Gate to enter the depot confines and await its departure time

Balloon 711 waiting to enter service from Starr Gate depot with Flexity 004 passing

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