Saturday 22 June 2019

Totally Models Trams & Buses

Optare Delta 133 passing Balloons 715 & 700 on Hopton Road

The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of June saw the annual Totally Models event taking place at Rigby Road tram depot, to coincide with this event a Heritage Gold tram timetable was in operation on the Promenade. Heritage trams noted in use on the Saturday were Balloons 700, 713, 715 & 717, Brush 621, Standard 147 and Boats 227 & 600. Balloon 700 was in use on a Cabin to Hopton Road shuttle service, providing transport to the Totally Models event. A free shuttle bus service was also provided to and from Blundell Street, this used Optare Delta 133, Metrorider 859, open-top Olympian 857 and former South Yorkshire Dennis Dominator 2260.

Brush 621 leaving for Heritage Tour service along Hopton Road

Standard 147 passing Balloon 715 at North Pier

Balloon 713 at Manchester Square, following Balloon 717

Boat 600 approaching Central Pier

Boat 227 at Manchester Square

Balloon 700 on the Cabin to Hopton Road shuttle service

Optare Metrorider Handybus 589 on the free shuttle bus service

Olympian 857 at Blackpool North station on the free shuttle bus service

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