Sunday 30 June 2019

New 11.8m ADL Enviro 200s

Enviro 561 leaving Church Street on the service 6 to Mereside

Blackpool Transport have recently added fifteen more ADL Enviro 200 single deck buses to their fleet, comprising eleven 11.8m examples (561-571) with 43 seats and an additional four 9.7m 34 seaters (217-220). The new buses entered service a week ago on 23rd June. The new Enviro 200s are painted in the now standard Palladium livery of grey and pale yellow, and are equipped with free WiFi, USB sockets and wireless phone charging built into the seat headrests. The 11.8m Enviros are planned to be assigned to services 6 and 7.

Enviro 563 on Talbot Road on service 7 to Cleveleys

Enviro 569 on the extended Service 7 to Clifton Hospital

Enviro 571 in Church Street on service 6 to Grange Park

A rear view of Enviro 570 in Corporation Street

The interior seating arrangement of 11.8m Enviro 562

Artwork on the rear bulkhead of Enviro 562

Short Enviro 220 turning from Cookson St into George St on service 4

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