Thursday, 2 May 2019

Rail Grinder in Blackpool

Flexity 017 passing the German rail grinder parked on the centre track at Bispham

For the last few weeks a German rail grinder has been visiting the tramway in Blackpool. The Luddeneit und Scherf LRGM 1-6/AM65 rail grinder has been operating during the late evening and night time, to minimise service disruption. During its latest phase of operations, the little rail grinding machine has been stabled on the centre track at Bispham while not being used.

Centenary 648 passing the rail grinder at Bispham on 3rd May

The German rail grinder on the centre track at Bispham

A closer view of the LRGM 1-6/AM65 rail grinder at Bispham

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