Friday 24 May 2019

Class 37s at Blackpool North

DRS 37402 with Northern EMU 319446 and new CAF Civity DMU 195103

Two Direct Rail Services Class 37s visited Blackpool North Railway Station today on a Network Rail test train. The train was parked up alongside platform 2 for several hours, with DRS 37423 at the seaward end of the train and 37402 "Stephen Middlemore" at the other end.

37402 "Stephen Middlemore" on the Network Rail test train at Blackpool North


  1. Stephen middlemore was my dad if I knew it was coming I would of come down I live in cleveleys he actually worked at Blackpool north for a while too so nice it came to visit x

    1. It must be nice to have a loco named after your Dad, I only found out about it last thing via a text. Unfortunately enthusiasts are banned from the platform side at Blackpool North, so I couldn't get a photo of the 37 at the other end of the train.