Wednesday 22 August 2018

Coronation 663 departs for restoration work

Coronation 663 heading along Lytham Road on its way to Riley & Son at Heywood 

Coronation 663 left Rigby Road depot today for further restoration work to take place on the tram. 663 was formerly part of the Lancastrian Transport Trust collection but subsequently passed into private ownership. The tram is being moved to Riley & Son's premises at Heywood near Bury, Riley's are perhaps better known for their recent major overhaul of the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive. The initial plan is for renovation work to be undertaken on the bogies and wiring of the Coronation, with the long term aim of returning the tram to service as part of the Heritage Tram Tour fleet.

663 being propelled from Hopton Road into Blundell Street by the depot fork lift truck

663 being winched onto the low loader trailer in Blundell Street

663 halfway up the rail ramp of Reid's low loader

663 alongside the fitting shop, chained down and ready to leave

663 loaded up and ready for departure in Blundell Street

Reid's low loader crossing the loading bay of Home Bargains on Hopton Road

663 on Hopton Road on its way for restoration work at Heywood

663 on the back of Reid's low loader departing Blackpool for further restoration work

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