Wednesday 29 August 2018

Car accident at Cavendish Road causes major disruption.

The BMW car blocking the tram line at Cavendish Road

There was major disruption to the Flexity tram service in Blackpool this afternoon. A BMW saloon car swerved off the Promenade at the Cavendish Road tram stop, demolished a length of the concrete fencing, scattering broken concrete across both tracks, and came to rest on the southbound line. According to eye witness accounts, the BMW had been seen speeding and overtaking other traffic prior to the incident, near Cavendish Road it had to make a sudden swerve to the left to avoid another car. Due to the car and debris being spread across both tram tracks, the Flexity service had to be split into two halves, with trams to the north of the accident turning at Bispham and cars to the south reversing at Cabin. After a while it was decided to link the two halves of the tram service with replacement buses. The disruption to the tram service lasted for several hours, until the debris and damaged car were removed from the tracks.

Flexity 009 held up at Cavendish Rd due to the debris strewn across the tram tracks

Look both ways before crossing the tramway!

A close up of the damaged BMW at Cavendish Road

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