Wednesday 15 March 2017

Standard 147 returns home

Calkeld Heavy Haulage with 147 making the turn from Lytham Road into Hopton Road
Standard 147 returned home to Blackpool on Wednesday 15th March, the tram having been involved in a swap with Marton 31 from Beamish Museum for the last 12 months. With the return of 31 to Beamish on Monday, it was the turn of 147 to travel across the Pennines in the care of Calkeld Heavy Haulage, but in the opposite direction the day after. 147 left Beamish around midday on Tuesday 14th March, stopping overnight in Skipton before continuing the journey to Blackpool the following morning, arriving in the resort 24 hours after it had left Beamish. Unusually it was decided to unload the tram in Hopton Road, rather than the usual location in Blundell Street. A swift unloading followed, with 147 being pulled off the trailer and towed into the depot by Unimog 939. During the unloading process Balloon 717 arrived in Hopton Road, which then had to wait behind Calkeld's trailer until after they had departed.

The low-loader of Calkeld Heavy Haulage arriving in Hopton Road
Lining the low-loader up with the track before the unloading process could begin

Standard 147 on the trailer after the tractor unit had been uncoupled

Unimog 939 had to drive part way up the rail ramp to hitch up to 147

Balloon 717 having to wait in Hopton Road while 147 is unloaded
Unimog 939 pulling 147 off the trailer and down the rail ramp
Unimog 939 towing 147 into the confines of the tram depot

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